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Successful Day At Foden's Band 3rd Solo, Duet & Quartet Contest

Published in Contest on 2013-11-06 by Empty Chairs

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At Sandbach School on Saturday 2nd November, the 3rd annual solo, duet and quartet contest organised by Foden's Band took place. This was the third year the event has run and again it was another memorable event attracting over 170 entries competing in 18 classes with 9 special awards. This year also feature a new set of percussion classes kindly sponsored by Bergerault Percussion in addition to generous sponsorship by Besson and Audi Macclesfield in the brass classes.

Andy Rolfe  for Foden's said: "The day began very early with team Foden's organising the setting up of classrooms and main hall, getting ready registration, managing the trade stands, manning all 4 performance areas and serving on the the refreshment stands but to name only some of the jobs. With most of the band in attendance it was clearly a Foden's event with many of the band baking some of the fine food on offer and serving everything from classic bacon sandwiches and hot dogs to homemade soup and an amazing array of cakes and pastries. 

Once the contest was underway our adjudicators, Michael Dodd (Grimethorpe Band), Alexis Demailly (Paris Brass Band) with Foden's own Mark Wilkinson and Mark Landon, were under pressure to make some difficult decisions due the high standard of playing. As in previous years competitors have travelled from Belgium and many parts of the UK played which led to a fresh variety of pieces which kept the audience enthralled. This year we also wanted to try and offer some new learning experiences and therefore with Foden's strong partnership with the RNCM, we provided the option of having a couple of students sitting alongside the adjudicators to assist, learn and help out. 

The afternoon saw the inclusion of our Percussion classes and the broad array of pieces possible on the tuned and un-tuned instruments. Unfortunatley due to weather conditions Bergerault's UK distributor was unable to make it to Sandbach so we were lucky to have the use of the Sandbach School's instruments and our thanks go to Love Music Trust's Mr John Barber and Sandbach School's Miss Grace England. The remaining classes built to a crescendo, literally with some fine percussion work in the main hall followed by quartet and ensemble classes. 

At the afternoon award ceremony we were delighted to hear that the winner of the Open Air Varie Class would also win the opportunity to travel to Australia to compete in the Ern Keller next February. The announcement made by Besson's Tim Barratt was well received and is a fantastic opportunity for the day's winner Algirdas Matonis, a euphonium player from the RNCM, to represent the contest and the UK down under. We are very grateful to Besson's Arnaud Montois for arranging this.

There are many people to thank for the day from my wife Fiona who put many hours in, all the band for their help, the adjudicators, accompanists, helpers and our sponsors who all play a significant part in this great banding event. "

Next year's event is on the 1st November.

Full Results:

Open Slow Melody:
Adjudicator: Michael Dodd
1. Sean Peterson
2. Michael Cavanagh
3. Jackie Greensted

Open Percussion Ensemble:
Adjudicator: Mark Landon
1. Love Music Trust Percussion Ensemble
2. Matthew Brett & Kate Thorley

Open Tuned Percussion:
Adjudicator: Mark Landon
1. Matthew Brett
2. Chris Tomkinson

Tuned Percussion: Under 16
Adjudicator: Mark Landon
1. Matthew Brett
2. Alex Temple-Head
3. Richard Blythe

Open Un-Tuned Percussion:
Adjudicator: Mark Landon
1. Sean Peterson
2. Chris Tomkinson
3. Josh Savage

Un-Tuned Percussion: Under 16
Adjudicator: Mark Landon
1. Richard Blythe
2. Matthew Brett

Slow Melody: Age 14-16: 
Adjudicator: Mark Wilkinson
1. Sam Brodison
2. Alex Flanders
3. Bethan Brown

Slow Melody: Age 12-13 years
Adjudicator: Alexis Demailly
1. Joseph Davies
2. Margot Binon
3. Arthur Elletson

Slow Melody: Age 11 & Under
Adjudicator: Mark Wilkinson
1. Harry Newton
2. Kimberley Harrison
3. Martijn Binon

Open Air Varie:
Adjudicator: Alexis Demailly
1. Algirdas Matonis
2. Mike Cavanagh
3. Sean Peterson

Air Varie: Age 16-21
Adjudicator: Michael Dodd
1. Charlotte Ankers
2. Andrew Potter
3. Michael Cavanagh

Air Varie: Under 16
Adjudicator: Alexis Demailly
1. Sam Brodison
2. Bethan Brown
3. Vincent Gils

Open Duets
Adjudicator: Mark Wilkinson
1. Mike & Steve Cavanagh
2. Patricia Woodings & Sheila Dixon
3. Karl Stott & Rebecca Somers

Duets: Age 12-16
Adjudicator: Mark Wilkinson
1. Catherine Flanders & Sophie Barwick
2. Bethan Brown & Tommy Tynan
3. Kathleen Woods & Robert Lambert

Duets: Under 11
Adjudicator: Mark Wilkinson
1. Taylor Roberts & Rowan Tjepkema
2. Jasmine Taylor & Evelyn Taylor
3. Ruby Priday & Evie Thomas

Open Quartet:
Adjudicator: Michael Dodd
1. Slidin’ About
2. Over Wyre Youth
3. Sforzando

Quartet: Age 12-16
Adjudicator: Michael Dodd
1. Dobcross Youth
2. The Treblemakers
3. Over Wyre Youth

Besson International Award: 1500 euros to Algirdas Matonis to represent Foden's & the UK at the Ern Kellar Soloist Championships in Australia next February
Specially commissioned solo for winner of Air Varie 16-21 composed by Lee Morris: Charlotte Ankers
Specially commissioned quartet piece for winner of Open Quartets composed Andrew Stevenson: Slidin' About
Most promising player, 16-21: Michael Cavanagh
Most promising player, 12 & 15: Bethan Brown
Most promising player, 11 & Under: Kimberley Harrison
Most Outstanding Performance of the Day: Sean Peterson
Most Promising Local Player: Miles Redgrave
Fun Award:Most Imaginative name in each quartet section: Slidin' About

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