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About Empty Chairs

This website exists to:

  • Make it easy for brass bands to advertise for players
  • Make it easy for players to find brass bands looking for players
  • Share news from brass bands to the world!

The core service of advertising for players and publishing press releases is free.

You can also upgrade to a premium account for £60 a year. The benifits of a premium account are:

  • You can advertise for Musical Directors
  • You can enhance your bands profile on Empty Chairs
  • You will make me feel valued for creating this site

Who created it?

This site was created by Chris Hatch, soprano cornet for Pendeen Band and web developer at Zedoary Digital Marketing

You can chat with him on Twitter @ChrisHatch.

Send Us Your News

We would love to publish your brassband related news on Empty Chairs.

The easiest way is to self publish by creating an account.

Alternatively bands and other organisation can send their press releases direct to along with any relevant photographs and we will publish it for you.

We would also appreciate it if you could let other organisations and bands know about this service.


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