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Monster Update to Empty Chairs!

Published in Site News on 2013-05-13 by Empty Chairs

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We've just pushed an update to the Empty Chairs website that hopefully has not not broken too much!

So, what's new...

  • Whole new look - we have redesigned the look of the site. The filters at the top are more obvious and it's a wider site so we can lay the information out better.
  • It's also responsive so when viewed on a mobile device it rejigs itself to look it's best.

The big change is...

All users can now publish press releases.

Yes, you can now publish your press release straight onto the site.

We are going to trial this and see how well it works. We do ask that you try to make your releases professional and relevant to brass bands.

We also reserve the right to modify or delete press releases that we don't think are appropiate, and we will email you to explain why.

The key rule is however - relevant to brass bands.

If you're a business looking to release commercial press releases that are relevant to our readers please drop us a line and we will discuss with you how we can proceed with that.

If you are a Regional Association, contest organiser, etc... drop us a line about how you can also publish relevant info.

The will be a help page giving guidance on all that at some unsepcified time in the future!

Found a bug!

It's quite possible we've broken something doing this update - if you find something that doesn't work as you imagine it should drop us a line to Regards,

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Empty Chairs

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