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Published in Site News on 2013-06-05 by Empty Chairs

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We've made many updates to the Empty Chairs site in the last couple of weeks. So many in fact that I can't even remember them all to list them. The key most important changes however are...

  • Band Logos - You can upload a logo to be seen with your bands adverts and on the band profile page. Head over to Your Account -> Upload Band Logo to add yours.
  • News and Articles - the news pages have had a major graphical overhaul and now look beautiful. You can either publish your own news straight to the site or email us a press release and we will sort it out. If you publish yourself we might still tidy it up for you! All the published news is automatically tweeted and Facebooked.
  • The site is wider - if you have a big monitor the site is now wider so we can max maximum use of the screen size. It's a responsive design however so even if you have an old 1024x768px screen the site looks fine as well. The most important thing however is that over half the traffic to this site is on mobile devices and we've made sure that the site is also easy to read on those too. If you find any problems with the rendering of any pages let us know - we can only really support modern browsers fully, so IE6 and IE7 users should really update!
  • The List of Bands - now has Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links direct from the list - have you added your social media links?
  • One Click Ad Renewal - the email that tells you your advert will expire in 5 days now has a link to renew it easily for another 28 days. This has been a much requested feature so we hope you find it useful.

We got a short list of other updates to make, but we welcome your input - if you think there is something extra, or better, we can be doing drop us a line to

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